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Buffalo Trader Online Emails

Posted on September 10, 2011 by Buffalo Trader Online | 0 Comments

Howdy all!

The holidays will be here before we know it. That said, we thought it would be a good thing to talk about the emails we send out during this time. We want you to know how your email address is used to fulfill your order as fast as possible and to give you extra discounts with coupon codes.

The most important reason for having a valid email is to notify you of your order status. A real email address is required to ensure you can be notified if there is a question or issue with your order. No one likes to give out their email address because then the spam comes in. We understand. We hate it, too.

This is the main reason we only send out six promotional HTML emails a year, from September to January. These email offers only go out to people that have created an account on Buffalo Trader Online or submitted their email address in our physical retail store.

The emails contain coupon codes for extra discounts that will not be found on the site. We also do this for our Facebook fans, so get on over there and friend us up for twice the savings! facebook.com/buffalotrader

If you do not wish to receive the HTML emails, just hit the "Safe Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of one of the emails and you are removed before the next mailing.

Be careful not to mark us as spam if you plan on ordering from us, as it may prevent your order emails from reaching you. Entities like AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail have their own modules in place that will completely block an email from even making it to your junk mail folder if they think it's spam. It is always best to add the address to your address book to prevent important order information from being lost.

Some mail houses will actually put a block on a URL if too many people mark an email as spam, which is a tremendous feat to have removed. This means that anyone emailing us from the blocked mail house address (i.e. johndoe@aol.com) can't email us and we can't email them. Most people don't realize that by marking an email as spam, it's actually getting that URL blocked from that entire mail house. The user simply thinks they're marking it as spam so it goes to their junk mail folder instead of their inbox.

It is our goal to keep our customers, not drive them away. Your personal information will never be shared or sold. No one likes a spammer, period. We want you to know what to expect from us so there is no question about what we are doing with your information. If you have any questions, please visit our Contact page to get in touch.

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