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Annual Sign Sale Going On Now

Posted on March 06, 2022 by Buffalo Trader Online

Annual Sign Sale Going On Now - Save an additional 15% off our prices and even more off suggested retail pices. Hurry, this sale ends soon!

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Spring 2018 is finally coming to a town near you!

Posted on April 20, 2018 by Buffalo Trader Online

Check out our latest Spring and Outdoor goodies!

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The National Parks = Summer Vacation

Posted on May 04, 2013 by Buffalo Trader Online

The great west of the United States is home to many of the national parks we have the pleasure of enjoying at will. With views ranging from vast deserts to snow capped mountain ranges, one need only take in these majestic landscapes for a moment to feel nature eagerly extend the invitation to remain.

Our ancestors came to these places in search of gold, and other enterprise. While some would not have cared to spare a single tree in the name of capitalism, others would, and they would take action. Our national parks came to be because of people like John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller Jr., and countless others. Their love of nature, camping, and even hunting, all brought them to the conclusion that they must preserve these places for the people – all of the people.

Today we can enjoy these parks on many levels, whether we just want to see the view from a scenic point over a light picnic spread, or entrench ourselves in nature by camping for a few days. Buffalo Trader Online has what you need to get out there and enjoy! For the day tourist, pack a light lunch in the Natural Willow & Brown Leather Fishing Creel Basket and a bottle of your favorite wine. Don't forget the wine key! The Faux Deer Antlers Cork Screw & Wine Bottle Stop will do the trick. If camping is your pleasure, make sure you've got some culinary goodies on hand. Our Buffalo Branded Black Peppercorn Beef Jerky has the fast protein you need when roughing it. 

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Simply Ornamental!

Posted on October 08, 2012 by Buffalo Trader Online

The temperatures are dipping and soon the days will be slightly shorter... all of this means one thing; the holidays are coming! While perusing Buffalo Trader's website, this became blazingly apparent and it's time to get a head start on the holiday planning.

Whether you prefer to make baked goods, shop all year for 'just the right gift' or make online purchases last minute, it's always a nice touch to put add a bit of ribbon as a finishing touch. An idea would be to include a special ornament in the ribbon on a wrapped gift or even tie it into the ribbon of a gift bag! Not only will your recipient appreciate your gesture, but they'll have a keepsake ornament to enjoy each year as well! Buffalo Trader has several fabulous ornament options. For the favorite little Wrangler(s) in your life, take a look at the Horses with Saddles Christmas Ornaments, or the Western Cowboy Signs Christmas Ornaments! And don't forget to check out Buffalo Trader's clearance items! The Peppermint Park Collection Welcome Slate is now available at a great price! Stock up on your stocking stuffers!

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A customer includes Buffalo Trader Online in their holiday decor

Posted on January 04, 2012 by Buffalo Trader Online

Joan in Napanoch, NY sent us pictures of her Christmas tree using our products for a western themed holiday. It includes the Grapevine Wreath Western Ornament – Christmas Star, the Woodland Stuffed Heart Christmas Ornament, and the Little Buckaroo Cowboy Christmas Ornament.

A picture of my western tree. Some of the decorations are over 30 years old. The horse hair one is one of my favorites now.

- Joan

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Let's Go Buffalo!

Posted on June 03, 2011 by Buffalo Trader Online

Commonly and inaccurately called 'buffalo,' the American Bison is a member of the bovine family. Once symbolic of the Great Plains, these formidable beasts are vegetarians, grazing mostly on plains grasses, shrubs, herbs and twigs. Standing up to 6.5 feet tall and weighing up to a ton, bison are still relatively quick and agile. They can run at speeds up to 40 miles per hour!
Bison were critical to the survival of the Indian societies during the 19th century. Over 50 million were killed for their lean meat and thick fur, which is so well insulated that snow can settle on its back without melting. The bison population has rebounded and today over 200,000 live on preserves and ranches where they are raised for their delicious meat. It has been indicated that bison may one day replace the cow industry.

Denny Karchner pays tribute to this noble mammal in his piece titled Honoring the Dead - A Paint Study of Life and Death. Karchner brilliantly captures the somber pride of a bison returning to the bones of a 'fallen' relative to pay respects. This oil depicts the essence of the reverence we share with our fellow beings...

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A Customer's Restoration Project Includes Buffalo Trader Online

Posted on February 12, 2011 by Buffalo Trader Online

This story comes from a customer in Juno Beach, FL. Brian was so pleased with the outcome of his refurbished desk, he sent us pictures showing the Faux Deer Antler Drawer or Cabinet Pulls in use that he purchased from Buffalo Trader Online:

Here are a couple of pics.
This desk was found on the side of the road.
It had five layers of paint.
It is solid mahogany with dove tail drawers.

What a great find!!!!



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