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True Blue

Posted on August 17, 2011 by Buffalo Trader Online

Lapis Lazuli is a very rich blue (almost purple) stone used for centuries by the Egyptians for medicinal purposes and cosmetics when ground. Romans actually used lapis as an aphrodisiac! In the middle Ages, the ground powder when mixed with milk was used to cure ulcers and was believed to maintain a healthy skeletal system when worn. When worn around the neck, Blue Lapis is said to energize the throat chakra and when placed over the brow, is said to induce a heightened level of awareness.

Aside from all of the healthy folklore and legends about this stunningly beautiful blue stone, it's simply beautiful! Buffalo Trader Online offers substantial and gorgeous pieces set in sterling silver that would compliment any ensemble. Their Sterling Silver & Large Blue Lapis Pendant is not only made of the finest quality Lapis Lazuli and .925 sterling silver, but would make quite a stunning gift for someone special. Or for a different kind of ‘blue-tiful' bold, try their Sterling Silver Blue Lapis & Cultured Pearl Necklace.

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