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Powwow... WOW!

Posted on February 11, 2011 by Buffalo Trader Online

There's a new oil in Buffalo Trader town. Proud - Jay Eagle is Artist, Denny Karchner's latest addition to the oil family. The subject, Jay Eagle is a winning Powwow dancer an example of which can be seen in this video:

Although styles vary between regions, the Powwow (Anglicized for the Algonquian term, pauau), can be traced back roughly 400 years to a Pawnee Religious ceremony practiced in the early 19th century and later adopted by the Omaha. The exact origination of the Powwow is vague as traditional Indian dance was deemed illegal by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the 1890's. It is documented that tribal medicine men and spiritual leaders performed Powwow in religious ceremonies, as well as elite warrior societies known as Grass Dancers.

The original painting is currently available! Or varying sizes of this beautifully historic piece in print can be purchased exclusively at Buffalo Trader Online. Enjoy!


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