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Deck the Halls!

Posted on November 22, 2010 by Buffalo Trader Online

Holiday traditions amongst early American cowboys were pretty well established by the mid 1800's. Although Christmas was celebrated with humble fare, the traditions of caroling, gift-giving and community were integral to the holiday celebration. It is recorded that soldiers would carol at their remote outposts while roasting venison over open fires. Many families would feast on preserved fruits, plum pudding, baked beans seasoned with salt pork and molasses and of course fresh breads.

Gifts were generally hand-made; corn husk dolls, carved wooden toys, embroidered linens, just to list a few. Decorations around the house consisted of hand-strung berries, pinecones, paper and popcorn. The Christmas tree was an added luxury for those who had homes large enough to accommodate them and whose wooded areas had trees to spare for something as lavish as mere 'decoration'. Cookie dough ornaments may have donned these branches and also served as late night snacks for excited little ones.

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