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This ain't my first rodeo...

Posted on September 06, 2010 by Buffalo Trader Online

When we think of cowboys, visions of men wearing 10 gallon hats, blue jeans and boots come to mind. Maybe these men are herding their cattle while riding their trusty steed or perhaps they're in the horse ring breaking a young stallion. One event that epitomizes skills of a true cowboy is that of the present day rodeo.

These competitions were originally known as 'cowboy tournaments' and can be traced back as far as the 1700's when the West was of Spanish rule. Spanish cattlemen, known as 'vaqueros', greatly influenced the American cowboy's language, equipment, traditions and clothing. Stemming from the Spanish verb 'rodear', rodeos were often an informal competition amongst ranchers after a successful cattle drive. These rodeos allowed the various outfits bragging rights to which group had the best riders, ropers and all-around best drovers. Participants discovered they could earn additional income by charging an entry fee when traveling through small towns. Eventually, rodeos became the very popular spectator sport that it is today.

Artist Denny Karchner, brilliantly captures true cowboy aura as depicted in his pieces Western Contemplation - Dustin Roush, The Bronze Cowboy, and Last of the Real Cowboys. Buffalo Trader Online offers these must-haves at varying sizes and price points sure to fit any space and budget.

Ride'em cowboy!

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