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Dear ole Dad…

Posted on June 18, 2010 by Buffalo Trader Online

Did he teach you how to ride your first bike or throw your first football? My dad did both of those as well as other key firsts that are clearly a necessary rite in any little girl's childhood such as honing my bowling, putting and ice fishing skills. Aside from the ice fishing, I'm not complaining. But what I'm most appreciative for is my father's glorious relationship with food, which was handed down to him from my grandfather. Family recipes galore sit neatly alphabetized in a tin box with titles such as "Grandpa's potatoes", or "Dad's baked beans". But those comforting favorites don't hold a candle to what can happen on the grill. I don't mean any grill; I mean an authentic, Weber grill situated in the back yard on its very own deck elevation; its throne, if you will. Along with gray-white charcoals heated to perfection, you may find mesquite grilling planks for a particular masterpiece... or maybe not. It just depends on dad's mood.

As important as grill preparation is, the true culinary divinity lies within the seasoning of the meat. Homemade marinades and rubs fit for hand selected savory steaks, piquant pork and tantalizing turkey, are created with the intense forethought and consideration. Clearly, not everyone enjoys this aspect of the grilling process. Luckily, Buffalo Trader Online offers an incredible selection of grilling and roasting aids removing any guesswork. The classic favorite Buffalo Branded Original Dry Rub Seasoning works its magic on anything from bison and chicken to venison and shrimp. Or if perhaps your griller prefers more variety, the Wild West Spices Whip n' Dip Gift Pack is sure to satisfy! Be sure to throw in a Wild West Spices Chargin' Cheddar Bacon Dip Mix Jar or a Wild West Spices Stampede Salsa Mix Jar. You'll want something to snack on while dad's grilling! (Tortilla chips and ice cold beer not included...)

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