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Camo COB Multifunction LED Flashlight

Retail price: $9.98. Buy one for every room in the house and keep a few on hand in your emergency disaster planning kit. This compact multi-functional worklight is a must for every handyman and to have around the house, in the car, on your boat, or for the RV, travel trailer, or camper. Perfect for hunters and outdoors enthusiasts in a fashionable Fall Transition camouflage covering by CB Outdoors. It features a top and side light, handy belt clip, a swiveling magnetic base and an adjustable folding hanger for the perfect directional lighting hands-free that stows away flatly in the back when not in use. Operates on 3 AAA batteries, included.

About COB lighting: (Chip on board) LED lighting is a most desired hot ticket item right now due to its many advantages, basically an LED chip diode is built directly on the circuit board to offer low heat resistance, low glare index, and uniformly consistent luminescence. This patented technology offers a higher quality of light that saves energy, is smaller in size, and has a much longer battery and life span. Quality over cost just makes sense!

Shipping weight: less than 1 lb.

Item#: 9619

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