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Western Trail Conestoga Wagon Tin Lunch Box

SCRATCH-N-DENT! Made of lightweight aluminum. Decorative vintage covered wagon artwork of an authentic replica lunchbox on the front and back with a plastic brown handle. This item came in as new but damaged and has some slight bends in the front cover and a small area on the back (see red arrows) but could probably be pushed back out. The damage does not affect the functionality of the hinged top. See additional photo of the back. This is the last one and will not be restocked. This item is standard-sized with a metal buckle closure on the front.

Shipping weight: 2 lbs.

This item 
has been discontinued and is now sold out. This item will not be restocked once sold out. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON THIS ITEM! SOLD AS-IS!

Item#: 31303X

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