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Mythical Beards Emu Beard Oil

Made in the USA. All of the rich, potent benefits of emu oil to deep condition, strengthen, and moisturize your beard and skin. High in fat content, emu oil helps protect your beard from long term exposure to the harsh elements and softens it to reduce skin irritation, dryness, dandruff, and itchiness. Use the dropper to put the desired amount of oil in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands gently together then massage into your face, beard, and mustache. Using a brush or comb will help distribute evenly and then style as desired. The fragrance in these blends is slightly stronger than the original oil blends. 1 oz dropper bottle. Available in 9 fragrance blends and 1 unscented version. Make your fragrance selection from the drop-down menu.

Benefits: promotes healthy hair growth, fights against skin aging, say goodbye to itching and irritated skin, hydrates skin and is ideal for skin dryness, conditions and softens.

Ingredients: special blend made from 50% emu oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and avocado oil

Shipping weight: less than 1 lb

Dr. Jekyll - Lavender Clementine
The refreshing, floral scent of breezy lavender combines with the tart sweetness of a clementine in this Dr. Jekyll blend, providing a perfect blend of sweet and calming scents. The fragrance is strong but not overwhelming and will keep you feeling uplifted throughout the day with every inhalation you take.

Mr. Hyde - Peanut Butter Cup
Everyone's got a sweet tooth that needs satisfied now and again. When you rake the Mr. Hyde blend through your beard, you can enjoy the perfectly delicious combination of smooth, silky milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter not just as a treat but as an aromatic touch to your beard.

Jack-O-Lantern - Pumpkin Spice
When the air gets crisp, the leaves start to fall and the fires start to crackle, you can change up your style with the seasons and opt for this Jack O Lantern blend. The scent has all of the famous scents of pumpkin spice to fit in with the seasonal scents of everything around you.

Invisible Man - Unscented
Taking care of your beard is something every man should be doing to ensure the health of their beard, but not everyone wants a scent left behind. If you want to hydrate and nourish your beard without any lingering aromas, the Invisible Man blend is for you.

Dracula - Bergamot Oak Moss Patchouli
Walk out of the house smelling like you've just stepped out of your barber shop with Dracula blend on your beard. The scent of the oil is complicated and rich with a mix of oakmoss, bergamot and patchouli, providing a classic scent that you'll love to comb through your beard.

Cyclops - Bourbon Pecan Pie
Sweet, nutty and lightly spiced, this Cyclops blend brings out all of the most obvious flavors and scents of a bourbon pecan pie. It begins with the scent of a warm pecan pie including earthy pecans and a buttery crust and is enhanced with spice and the tang of bourbon.

Dragon - Vanilla Tobacco
The rich scent of tobacco fused with the natural sweetness of dried herbs creates a musky, masculine aroma perfect for freshening up your beard. The Dragon blend has a complicated scent with a robust foundation and the light sweetness of vanilla ghosting over the top to round it out.

Kraken - Vanilla and Spices
With all of the richness of a spice blend in your favorite rum, the Kraken has a warm, delectable autumnal scent that will give you a perfectly aromatic finishing touch. Kraken fuses scents of clove, nutmeg and pepper with a slight hint of vanilla to round out the other scents.

Big Foot - Cedar Pine Fir
For the outdoorsman who can't get enough of life in the wild, this Big Foot blend is for you. The oil features all of your favorite earthy scents of fir, cedar and pine, creating a robust aromatic profile that will have you feeling like you're on a hike in the woods.

Chupacabra - Lime Mint
Even when you're far from shore, you can still enjoy the tropical vibes of your favorite summer vacation wearing this Chupacabra blend. This tangy, yet sweet oil features a prominent lime scent accented with mint in order to mimic the refreshing scent of a breezy mojito.


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