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Holly Legend Glass Ornament

Deck the boughs with bulbs of holly! The bright red and green of holly make it a natural symbol of rebirth. Legends regarding this plant abound. According to one legend, holly branches bearing white berries were woven into Christ's crown of thorns. Since the blood of Christ stained the berries, they grow red on the holly branch to this day. Holly has also come to stand for peace and joy. Exclusively crafted for Bronner's in Hungary, our white enameled ornaments feature a sprightly sprig of green leaves and bright red berries with subtle glittering accents on one side and the Legend of the Holly printed on the other. Sold individually.

Dimensions: 3" Dia. 

Shipping weight: 1 lb.

Please note: This Bronner's holiday item is seasonal and ships from late October through mid December. Orders will begin shipping in mid-October up to the week before Christmas. You may place your order now and reserve items for Fall delivery. These items tend to sell out quickly so be sure to make your purchases early to ensure delivery. See our Cowboy Christmas section for complete details.

Item#: 1196195

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