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Fudge Factory Vanilla Walnut Fudge

Made in the USA. Vanilla Walnut - Made with real dairy cream, sugar, vanilla extract and chopped English walnuts. The vanilla smell and taste will take you back to your childhood days in the old candy barrel store.

Enjoy our Pennsylvania Dutch original recipe fudge, made with all simple, natural ingredients consisting of only cream, sugar, and Hershey's Baking Cocoa (Forbes double-dark for dark chocolate). Our fudge never needs refrigeration and will not melt. The fudge is cooked in a copper kettle and poured onto a marble table. After working the fudge with special paddles, it is formed into what looks like a long loaf of French bread. The marble tables draw the heat from the fudge very quickly. This fast transfer of heat forms a skin (or hardness) on the outside of the fudge while the inside remains soft. This simple physics process, known as tempering, allows this fudge to be open to the air and ships year-round, world-wide... DO NOT REFRIGERATE!!

Item#: V1035

Category: Candies, Gifts, Sweets

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